Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today, when I was leaving my place to come to Infy, as routine, I checked my pockets.
Formals – check.
ID Card – check.
Wallet – Damn .. Stolen yesterday.
Mobile – Damn .. The magical beauty N95 has been stolen yesterday by some morally corrupt pervert.
Saddened feelings numbed my mind again.

Yesterday, the first thing I did was to check time on my cell. Oops .. couldn’t find it. This is where I placed it before going to sleep. Searched whole place, but to no avail. Soon, I found out, my wallet was not there too. Icing to the pungent cake, roomie’s laptop too was stolen. As like everyone else, I too thought, burglaries happen to friends’ neighbors only.

Busted .. For a moment, I certainly came to know the literal meaning of being helpless. Soon, along with my roommates, I went to the police station to lodge an FIR. Like a bollywood feature film, policemen maltreated us. We explained our case to two Pawar sahibs, two Shinde sahibs.
After few hours of continuously sitting there, they ordered us to come at 7pm to meet the main boss Bhosale sahib.
Seven o clock sharp, we were facing Prabhat Rao Bhosale sahib unheeding our case. People enjoy kicking you when you are down. To my amazement, he declined to lodge the FIR, stating "Nahi kaunga". We then heard few things which one cannot think of. He frankly abused us and denied the request to lodge FIR by saying, it will increase his work load. As I entreated him and said "Sir, please..", his eyes popped out as if I had used euphemism for something salacious. We heard it all : "It’s your problem kids that you lost things worth 50K, gimme one reason why should I make it mine" "You all are scumbags, spoiled brats of rich dads and all" We actually pleaded him for what was our constitutional right – to file First Information Report.

Finally, we went to Infosys Phase I, security gate I. I didn’t know that Infosys has hired few retired sub inspectors for cases like these only. Hearing the case, one retired army officer accompanied us to the police station. Predictable as Bhosale sahib was, he completely metamorphosed and greeted us. "Arre, tum log kaha chale gaye the, kab se dhoondh raha tha tumhe, report nahi likhwaani?"

I just found another reason to be a proud Infoscion. But do you have to be an Infoscion to get heard? Heard of the words "Aam Aadmi"?

I somehow know, that debauched Bhosale sahib will not try blocking my IMEI number.
But at least, if our belongings are misused, we have a missing report filed.

I am feeling disheartened because of the sudden demise of my beloved mobile N95. Please join me in commemorating the memories I shared with my ex-cell.

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18vishaljain said...

sad happens yaar..but one can only feel..when it happened to him....i can understand yaar...bcoz i too lost my mobile in my sister's wedding was 5610 music express...anyways..the story was good..tanuj daaruu seems to be a professional writer ...carry on ..

jayanand said...

Hey that very sad that u have lost the belongings.But thanks to infy that the u got the FIR.

Bhagwaan na kare kabhi ho par Next time when u lost the thing mail it to the DCP of the zone CC to Aaj tak, star News and ect.
The mail ids are available on the site. Take a print out and then go.

Also try to record the conversastion between the nawab sahib and you so that u can post it to higher management.

Samjhe mere bhai "Bhehre ko sunane ke liye sor machana padta hai"

Tanuj said...