Wednesday, September 23, 2009


For those who didn’t know, there happened this tragic incident with me a few weeks back. Some morally corrupt pervert had stolen my beloved mobile N95. As I was so much in love with it, I got another one.

Life was moving on smoothly (no high-tides too) just till yesterday. I got a call at noon from some unknown number, speaking in rapid Hindi ’Ha, Manoj Kumar?? I got your mobile, come to Chinchwad Police Station now.’ I asked ‘What? Who Manoj Kumar? I guess it’s a wrong number.’ He replied ’Arre Manoj Kumar, I am Sayeed. Your N95 mobile was lost no? It has been found, come to Chinchwad now.’ and he hung up.

At that moment, my expressions were as if I was frozen in the middle of a long belly laugh. The Policemen didn’t even file any FIR for my stolen mobile. They verbally thrashed me on asking for an FIR and compensated by lodging one missing report instead of an FIR. I started reading my own thoughts. How can they find my lost mobile? Even if they found it, instead of keeping it with themselves, why do they want to return an N95? Was some spoiled friend playing a prank on me?

I took my PM’s permission and started driving in heavy rain to the police station. I knew I had to give them money as baksheesh to get my mobile back. I took all my money from wallet and kept few notes in every pocket. While disbursing the money from every pocket, it somehow gives an impression that you have emptied all your pockets and given all of your money and you don’t have more.

Sub Inspector Sayeed wore an formal attire, the one you see encounter specialists wearing in Bollywood movies. He had that look on his face which made him of the rare samaj-se-buraayi-ka-terminator type. He greeted me, ’Aao Manoj Kumar, Do you have doubt on someone?’ I showed him copy of missing report stating ‘Sir its Tanuj Bhargava. I don’t have doubt on anyone’. He then showed me my beloved mobile, completely scratch-less, as good looking as it was when I owned it. I was animated as if I had been supplied an electrical impulse.

He then left the scene by introducing me to Vikrant, who helped him in recovering the mobile, who later I found as The-Man. Vikrant then told me that he has his contacts in all mobile operator companies and he found that someone in town Sholapur was using my mobile. Vikrant asked Syed Sahib who had to go to Sholapur for some work. The new mobile user from Sholapur had bought my N95 for Rs 5000 and Syed Sahib thrashed him, grabbed the mobile from him and bought it to me.

They both could have used the mobile for themselves, could have gifted it to their wives or their children and nobody would have tracked them. I took Vikrant with me to a nearest Chai-waala and finally negotiated the amount to 1700 INR and gave it to Vikrant. Since they had to give some baksheesh to the informer too, this amount was higher than I expected. And since I had no hopes of getting the mobile worth 20K back, and since Syed Sahib went to Sholapur, recovered my mobile and informed me, I was more than happy to give the baksheesh to them.

After some discussion with Syed Sahib, Vikrant came back and recorded my statement in Marathi. He then gave me 200 INR back stating 1500 INR are enough for them. They both came and said ’Don’t think all policemen doesn’t work. We do work. Whenever anything happens to you, come to us.’ as if they were the lines of some poetry.

They were the men of honor.

I drove back happily. I later came to know my pocket wasn’t big enough to hold two N95s. :)

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Shashank said...

u were really lucky with these police wwaalas!

Tanuj said...

Yea I was !! :)