Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Smile: A strict No No !!

Smile: A strict No No !!

If they, the Amreekans, the Germans, Russians smile at passersby, why should we?
The crime is not specifically to smile at strangers or opposite sexes, but to the co-workers whom we see/pass-by daily.

We get into the company’s elevator, apartment’s elevator; we should never greet each other.
We should gaze at the Led display of floor numbers, ground, as if we are trying to break free of the elevator asap.

There is this line in a famous song: muskuraaye to muskuraane ke karz utaarne honge.. translating roughly to "if you smile, you have to pay for it.."

So, this is what you should do, if you pass by your company-mates in public places, malls, and if you don’t want to pay the smile.

>No matter what happens, don’t make an eye contact with him/her.
>Pretend that he/she is transparent and look through.
>If you have made the unimaginable eye contact, cover yourself in the majestic aura, raise your eyebrows and frown.
>If the other person elongates his/her lips to an expression unknown to you, stare as if he/she is an alien with foot length nose hair.
>If you want to scare the heavens out of a girl, smile at her in the elevator.

It was this one time; I managed to do the unthinkable criminal-offense.
I smiled at a girl in Crossroads, since she was reading the same book as mine; she dawned and looked at me with shock, as if the smile was a connotation of a mating call.

Why do we suffer from that majestic aura? Why do we act superior to mundane matters and people?
Do we have a skewed sense of "dignity"? After all, we live a small world.

P.S. The blog is not inspired by any incident, this is my general observation!! ;)


Speechless said...

well after reading the blog i can only pass you a SMILE....hope i m not commiting any crime ;)

Akash said...

I had a smile stretched from ear to ear after reading this.
looking forward for more

Tanuj said...

Thanks guys !! :)